The Glitch: A Computer Fantasy

The Glitch: A Computer Fantasy

SF / Fantasy: Trapped inside a computer!

  • Junior Literary Guild selection
  • Excerpted in Holt and Harcourt reading programs

Benjamin Bean hates computers the way most kids hate homework. Suddenly, Benjy’s worst nightmare comes true—he’s trapped inside a computer.

As he hunts for an escape, Benjy discovers that he’s become a glitch—a malfunction in the system. The Computer Police, led by the dreaded Delete, are searching for him. With his companions—a tailcoated professor, M the minstrel, and Negatori—Benjy undertakes a dangerous journey from the I/O Port, through the Electric Forest, to CPU City. Not only must he find his way home, but he must contend with the warring factions of ROM and RAM, which are threatening the Computer Kingdom.

This zany tale of a boy’s adventures in the land of bits and bytes makes computers appear almost human.