Poems by Etta Wilson

Poems by Etta Wilson

Years ago, when I first moved to Nashville, I checked around town to learn about publishers and educational products, hoping to connect with them and get some work. As I checked, I kept running across one name: Etta Wilson. 

Etta, after receiving a library science degree, had worked in school libraries, then served as an editor at Thomas Nelson, Abingdon Press, and the review publication BookPage, and more recently with the Books&Such Literary Agency.

In the course of these occupations, Etta met and helped many people, one of whom was me. She introduced me to Nashville’s publishing business, and I shall always be grateful.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Etta was also a writer, creating six books for children, one of which was about well-known Tennesseans. She now has a new book, and I highly recommend it to you.

Unlike her previous books, this new one is a collection of poetry for adults, called Sustenance. Starting out focused on food, Etta expanded to other life-giving topics, such as nature, relationships and marriage, and simple day-to-day activities. 

Take a look at this lovely, delicate book and meet my good friend Etta Wilson. 
 Read more about Sustenance and order it here.


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