Where Can I Get Your Books?

Where Can I Get Your Books?

When I subscribe to an author’s newsletter, I expect author news.

Specifically: Where can I get your books? What are the books about? What are you working on?

Looking back over my own newsletter, I realize I haven’t done a great job of answering those questions. And so, in between blog posts and reviews, I’ll fill you in.

You’ll see that my most recent novels are described at the bottom of the newsletter. Lord of the Mountain is a story about family secrets and the roots of country music. Room of Shadows is my take on a horror novel, in which a young man’s anger summons the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe.

You can buy those books at the independent bookstore website, IndieBound. There you’ll also find more of my novels, including Dreambender, Monkey Town, Night on Fire, On Beale Street, and The Year of the Bomb, along with some chapter books and picture books.

To learn about all my books, plays, and music, check out my website here. You’ll find a newsletter signup here, along with an archive of past newsletters and blog posts.

What are you working on?

This is exciting. I have several novels in the works, about R&B music in 1960s Nashville, Albert Einstein in 1930s Pasadena, and electronic music pioneer Leon Theremin in 1950s Moscow and Hollywood, where Theremin’s weird-sounding instrument was being used to score the science fiction classic The Day the Earth Stood Still.

And I’m writing opera librettos for kids and general audiences, which are set to music by my friend, composer Anthony Plog. Our children’s opera Santa’s Tale will be workshopped this summer at Seagle Festival, an opera development program in upstate New York.

Stay tuned!