New Books by Ronald Kidd

New Books by Ronald Kidd

It never occurred to me to write a memoir—I wanted to tell stories about others, not myself. Then, twenty-five years ago, something amazing happened to my wife Yvonne and me, and I felt compelled to write it down.

The result was Dream Baby, a short memoir about the miraculous birth of our daughter, Maggie. Here’s an excerpt:  

To my surprise, Yvonne declared that she never dreamed. 

It seemed that, as a young girl, my wife had experienced terrible nightmares and had learned to block her dreams. I tried to convince her to stop. After a long discussion, she agreed.  

Almost immediately she began to dream—big, vivid, wonderful dreams, like water gushing over a dam. It was the beginning of a remarkable adventure. We didn’t know it, but it was also the beginning of Maggie.

Dreams are what brought her here. Dreams raised our hopes, sent them crashing down again, then at the last minute opened a window for the briefest possible instant, and our sweet daughter came tumbling through. 

I loved writing Dream Baby. In the process I discovered that I had other stories, and I enjoyed sharing them. Over the years, between novels, I wrote more short memoirs, on subjects such as my love of libraries, my adventures in music, and the unique group of friends I had as a kid.

There are eight memoirs. Today I’m introducing Dream Baby, and each month I’ll tell you about another one.  

Use this link if you’d like to learn more about Dream Baby. It’s available in paperback and Kindle editions.

Next month: Asses Anonymous: Boyhood Friends on a Harrowing Journey